09 Sep

High End Teeth: Toothbrushes worth more than your iPhone

High End Teeth

How can you make sure that you have pearly white that sparkle in every room? Do you rub a bit of baking soda on your toothbrush? Set a timer on your phone to floss every day? How about investing in a $5,000 toothbrush that’s guaranteed to last for life? Today on the blog I’ll be taking you through some of the most expensive ways to look after our teeth.

(So heads up before watching this video. There is some naughty language towards the end, but its only in the last 10-ish seconds)

This very popular video of rapper 2Chainz getting his own titanium toothbrush has over 4,000,000 views. I’m guessing a lot of those view will be down to people wondering just what a toothbrush that costs the same as roughly 8 brand new iphone 7s straight out of the box looks like. Now while it is the kind of product I don’t really believe in (new bristles every month?) it did spark my interest in finding some of the high end ways that people can look after their grills. So in this post I’m going to stock my imaginary dream bathroom sink with all the teeth products that could only be afforded by the high life.


The high end toothpaste

If you’re a fitness freak you will know all about the benefits of MCT oil, a by-product that can help break down fats. It is extremely popular as a liquid that you can pop in everything from your coffee to your protein shake. But did you know you can rub it on your dentures too? MCT Oil Toothpaste by Onnit is paleo friendly, gluten free (does toothpaste have gluten?),  flouride free and weirdly enough a new source of energy for your teeth.

At $25 a tube, its a bit of gamble to take if you’re the type of person who only needs to brush twice a day.

The high end floss

With my knobbly British teeth, trying to get in the nooks and crannies can be a struggle, especially after after an apple or a piece of steak. And while there’s only so much a toothpick or your preferred floss can do, it looks like dental floss in the future won’t resemble anything like floss at all.

The fanciest version I found out there was Periotwist. It’s so trendy that it comes all the way from Kickstarter and aims to provides (as the creators say) “a simple solution to a complicated problem”. The Periotwist is a tiny needle like brush that you use in the same way as floss. You twist it around the space between your teeth and move it about depending on how big or small your gap is. The twist will clean and medicate the area in the aims of not only getting the annoying bits out but also drastically improve your gum health. It is re-usable though so maybe you don’t want to share your one with someone else.

The high end treatment

I could videos like this all day long. Teeth whitening is arguably one of the most popular cosmetic treatments here in the UK and pretty much everyone knows someone who has had it done. And while it’s easy to get envious at a friend showing off their newly brightened ivories, there are ways you can get a good deal on some of the options for Teeth Whitening London clinics have to offer. There are two main treatment types for whiter teeth. The laser treatments you hear about most are the quickest and provide short to long term results depending on what level of whiteness you’re after and how stubborn your stains are.

The more traditional method still preferred by many dentists is the simple mouth cast where patients wear a customised retainer at home at night. And while make you start feeling like a prize fighter walking around the house with a guard in your mouth, the casts are known for getting your teeth looking whiter in the long term.

The high end gum

I love a good chew in the middle of the morning when I need to get that bitter taste of coffee out of my mouth. And while I stick to the classic Peppermint Extra, there are a slew of special gums that claim to keep teeth white and bright while also fighting away all the acids that want to latch on to your gnashers and cause stains. Supersmile was the most reviewed whitening gum I could find online, averaging £11 for a 12 piece (which would relate to 240 pieces of Orbit for the same price).  The gum claims to remove surfaces stains better than any traditional gum and has a little bit of baking soda inside (nature’s whitener). I recommend sticking to your usual gum but remember that once the gum’s flavour has gone, it’s basically done for good.

The high end substitute

So on my little research trip I came across some weird and wonderful ways to make teeth whiter, but none was as weird as the advice to rub black powder all your ivories. Charcoal powder is now the trendy new way to brighten up your teeth and its one that slowly cropping up in magazines as the new lavish celebrity solution for a bright smile.

A tub of the Warpaint charcoal powder will cost £25 and it claims to be a 100% natural teeth whitener and safer to use than any bleach based systems. I couldn’t get my hands on a tub of the stuff as its a £25 gamble I didn’t want to take, but I did manage to try flavoured charcoal tablets for free at the local LUSH comsetics where they sell small charcoals tablets that you can chew on or use as a toothpaste replacement. I will say that the sensation takes a little getting used to (as you’re chewing charcoal after all) but it is nice if you want a different flavour than your usual toothpaste.