09 May

High End Sofas


Sitting on Summertime, it’s what the sofa is called, is something quite unique. It isn’t that the chair has been painted to look like a quaint park bench, but the foam under the cover is housing one very special feature: it gives off a smell. Not a bad smell now, but one that makes the nostrils think of orange and cinnamon.


Looking after this sofa would almost be asking you to take part in a dare. You might end up like your grandparents with a plastic sheet over the sofa when you get this luxurious Chester Moon. It’s a custom made sofa (they’re constructed to fit in to any rom according to your measurements) and have a very special leather that is treated in such a way that from a distance, and up relatively close, you’ll think it is cushion fabric. It doesn’t help that it is extremely comfortable.


Sofist is a very challenging sofa to describe. In essence it shouldn’t really be described as one as its majorly a shell of a sofa with a few oversized cushions, but because it makes you asks question when looking, it must be doing something right. We suppose it works if you’re after a designer sofa that also works as a different type of storage space and of course you can just keep piling on the pillows and throws. It must be great for the back.


Versatility is a word you’d never expect to hear being associated with a sofa but the Sosia attempts to challenge that by giving you a sofa which can be instantly changed in to any shape you’d like. Want a proper lie down? Just turn the sofa around and stick the seats together. Looking for a little privacy? Pull the outer skin up and you’ll have a little nook to hide in. It’s the dream fort you’ve been looking for.


When space is a premium, a sofa like this can come in handy. The V-Two has a simple board join in the middle that can change from a couch in to a table and chairs in just a second. The special v shape was done purposely so the under carriage can double as a space saving support and shelf to store anything you’d like under, making it a perfect place to throw your magazines or shoes in.