14 Apr

High End Commercial Fit-Outs

Having a professional and seek look to your offices or headquarters is critical for tying in a big contract with huge clients.

No matter how affordable or experienced you are at your services, clients will be put off your business based on the psychical appearance. So it’s important to impress them with the appearance of your interiors.
We’ll compile a list of our favourite fit-out jobs – as we look to pinpoint the aspects which make them great so what we can help you get some pointers on how you should.

Be unconventional in a conventional world

Depending on your industry, sometimes to make your services stand our – you need to curate your offices to showcase your employees talents. Take Pearlfisher for example, having a standard clean and tidy office doesn’t reflect their talents.

So what does a company like Pearlfisher do? Their expertise seen a chance to boost their PR status; whilst also making chairs irrelevant.



Take advantage of natural resources

As you can see in the photo below, using natural resources can give your business a modern and unique look which will set it apart from traditional looking business offices.

The traditional style of commercial office spaces are often critised for including highly intensive lighting and imposing a “boxed in” feeling to people who inhabit it 5 days a week. This low lighting and natural feeling is thought to increase moral and encouragement from members of staff, which will in turn improve greatly the standard of work that your company produces for their clients.

Keeping interiors simple

Sometimes, depending on your clientele it’s a good idea to keep your interiors as simple and unoffensive as possible – usually in hotels which are targeted towards an older audience or in banks.

Using cream and beige colours is easy on the eye and provides a relaxing environment for day to day life both for customers and employees.

This commercial fit out is the sort of project which we have came to expect from Scottish giants Allstar Joinery who have been making waves in the Scottish interior industry.

office git outs

office fit outs

Perhaps one of the most impressive fit out job we at Luke SF design have seen is in the London Old Town property of Lincoln Square. Although that will be of no suprise once we well you that the materials chosen and layout of the room was constructed by the very talented and world renowned Patricia Urquiola – who puts in an incredible amount of thought not only into the shapes and sizes of the furniture and colours, but the materials which will be used. As she believes that this is key to perfecting a room which will produce comfort, with the belief that everything follows comfort and material choice. To look a her work more exclusively, go to: http://www.lodhagroup.co.uk/lincoln-square-london/resident-amenities/


These 4 examples of commercial fit-outs completely differ in styles, although their styles service a purpose for their respected audiences and industries.

Before completing any commercial fit out for your business, it’s important to consider what you are trying to achieve with your refurbishment of the building. As depending on your business approach, you’ll require a different design of the interiors.


The planning of the fit-out or refurbishment is without a doubt the most important part of the process.