09 Jan

High End Chairs


Wicker chairs you’d think would be something that was resigned to the 1970s, but this hanging chair is trying to claw wicker back in to the style guides of the 21st century. It helps a lot that it can come in a series of colours than the dated look you’d associate with wicker. No more numb posteriors with a form cushion made from the same stuff you find in memory foam mattresses. And the best part? Because it’s on  a chain, you can hang it from the roof (bearing in mind the support beam is able to support such weight) and can spin about to your hearts content.


Describing a wooden chair as comfortable isn’t something you’d commonly hear, but this chair/ chez lounge by Giorgio Caporaso manages to pull off an admittedly hard task. What’s impressive isn’t the shape and form of the chair but the revelation that a person won’t slide off the end like you would in one of those plastic lounge chairs we’ve all had a go sitting in at a certain Swedish superstore. The holes play a very important role. The chair can be moved from this position seen above, in to one where the larger circle is standing upright in order to make it a perfectly balance chair. It would be the perfect chair for someone who enjoys gaming, but hates the idea of having a typical ‘gaming chair’ dominate the living room.


The hallway is supposed to be a welcoming and warm environment for any visitor. Why not flip that ideal on its head by having a chair that completely dominates the space. The Upholstered Rattan Bench by Dolcefarniente can be like your own wicker version of the Iron Throne (yes it seems wicker can be dominating) and would be the laziest/perfect place to hang your coat after coming in from work.


And what about when a person just wants to sit at home and rock back and forth? No need for a traditional rocking chair when you can cosy up for a well-earned nap in the Rocker Daybed. This is a hybrid of a ridiculously comfortable chair, beanbag, hammock and bed all in one big bean like shape. And because it balances so well, a person can feel forward enough for it to sit like a normal seat without tipping over and tumbling on to the floor. It’s a perfect chair to move around the house as well.


If you’re someone who prefers to have chairs that aren’t defined by a certain role i.e. dining room chair/ living room chair etc., then this egg shaped Jane Chair is a perfect fit and any sized living space. It’s minimal enough that it will impress and it’s small enough that it won’t take up much room without seeming imposing. And the shape is one that anyone will quickly find themselves getting easily settled in to.

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