09 Dec

High end baths

Bathrooms can be quite a dull place to be in when you’re spending any more than a few minutes in there. So what can you do to make sure your bathroom stands out from the norm? Take some queues from these unique designs and give your bathroom the high end treatment.


Everyone knows what a bath looks like, and yes that might sound a very stupid statement to make, but what if your bath was as colourful as this one. The Academia Bathtub by Teuco that is not just unique for the simple fact that has a pattern adorned on the side, but also has a completely uniform cut off top. There isn’t any arch to grip on to, or even a dip at the top but simply a line that fousses your attention.


Hate the idea of even having a white bathroom in your high end living space? Why not have a wooden one instead. The Laguna tub by Alegna is a richly varnish and welcoming tub that will raise a few eyebrows due to its unique shape and construction (the whole tub is made from one piece of wood). It might be the only instance in the world where you need wood polish to clean the bathroom.


You could even flip the idea of the bathroom on its head and hide the tub in plain sight. This idea by Rexa puts in to reality a problem that everyone at some point will face: being in the bath and realising you’ll have to get in order to grab something. Everything in this instance is within arm’s reach. And because you’re essentially raising the floor up a few inches, that extra space below allows you to have some added features for the tub like speakers, a jet pool and a hot tub setting.


And if you’re all about having nothing but luxury when it comes to a tub, find a quiet corner in the house and squeeze in this mini hot tub. It can occupy the same sized space you’d be able to fit a single bed in and packs in over 30 different sized jets to make sure every muscles gets enough attention. There’s even a radio in the tub that means you can soak in the tunes as well as the bubbles.


Of course you can also get a fancy bath tub that fits in to the norm, with just that little extra touch that transforms in. The shell around the tub is made of acrylic and has a touch you won’t be familiar with that almost over shines the fact the faucet is one with some very interesting looking taps.

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