09 Jul

High End Beds

A bed should always be the most important part of the home. You might most of your time in one being fast asleep, but you always want to make sure it is the best place in which to lounge. So what does a person look for in a high end bed? Here are five examples to help highlight what a truly King bed should be like.


It might look like a simple bed, but this mattress is the success story of plenty of hard work and a winning Kickstarter campaign. It’s called the Casper and it can be your mattress for as little as $500. The surprising thing about the Casper is that a delivery won’t involve two people lugging the mattress up a few flights of stairs. Because it is made from a mixture of latex and memory foam, it can be compressed down in to a box that will fit in the trunk of a car no problem. Having one would probably the only time you could say you have a ‘trendy mattress’.


Fall asleep and it’s true that you’ll wake up in the future, but what about sleeping in something that looks like it’s from the future? Sleeping Tomorrow is a bed that looks like something out of Star Trek and it has more features in the mattress than a Swiss army knife. You’ll notice in the picture how the mattress is actually separated down the middle, allowing for two independent mattresses that can be moved in a person’s customised shape. The soft lighting above makes for a perfect reading light while the monitor at the end makes binge watching your favourite TV show just that little bit easier.


Stuck for space? Why not stick your bed in the roof space. Pull out and drop down beds are a familiar feature in many box and loft apartments, but looking up for inspiration can prove to be a big deal. This bed in particular hangs on four suspended cables that make it easy to bring the bed up and down. The spacing between the boards of the frame isn’t only aesthetic but helps keep the bed lightweight and enough space to hold excess weight when placed on the ground.


Looking to have a bed that will take of effort getting in and out of. But prove to be a lot of fun when you’re having a lie in? The Mood Rocking Bed is a double sized bed contained not within four posters or a solid base but two large rings that will move along with you. The idea is that you can take the frame and use it outdoors in the summertime to create a unique lounge area in your garden, but we can’t imagine someone carrying it in and out every day. It brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘when the bed is a rocking…’

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09 Jul

High End Radiators

The search for designer radiators that can improve a living space doesn’t have to be difficult. The world of radiators is now expanding and heating up in to more than just that ugly looking thing that sits in the corner of the room. In fact radiators can now be the best looking thing in the room just as long as you have the impetus to think of them as a positive feature. Just take some influence form these examples.


In some cases a radiator can look like an art installation and one like the Agora radiator is a true testament to that idea. Looking like something someone removed from a church organ, its imposing in the best possible sense of the manner. It also highlights how that off slate look combined with round shapes can work as a modern design feature.


Want to heat up the home in a fun looking way? Why not get an oversized Lego radiator! While the main red section houses the radiator unit (and makes sure that no kids can get hurt from the heat it emits) the blocks over it can be removed to build your own unique design. It also sits out from the wall well enough that ensures heat still circulates around the room effectively.


And what about when you need to warm up from the cold, but hate having to hover over the radiator for fear you’ll burn your hands? Well get a radiator you can sit on. The Zig Zag chair aims to be resourceful and striking. The chair is purposefully yellow in order to draw attention to it and would be perfect in your kitchen to sit on in the winter morning while you wait for the kettle to boil.


Looking for a radiator that is hiding in plain sight? Something like these radiator daisies by Hellos are a perfect fit for any girl’s room or the bathroom. They’ll seem more like a decoration than a fully functioning radiator and also free up wall space to make any room get a better illusion of space.


But if you want to go completely leftwards with your radiator, why not think completely outside the box and have a coiled radiator.  In what looks like a cross between a hosepipe and a chain, this radiator is very unique in the fact that you can lift it and move it about anywhere in a room to create a loop of heat in any space. Because of its very individual shape as well, you can wrap it around chairs to keep them warm or towels and clothes to dry them.