09 Mar

High End Lamps

Looking to light up your pad in a way that is a few hundred watts more exciting than simply putting in some energy efficient bulbs? You may want to check out some of these unique and illuminating lamps that would show off more than just your bright spark.

lamp 1

What’s your first impression of these barrel lamps? Our original thought was that it would definitely beperfect if you wanted to make your own Batman spotlight at home, but with their unusual shape and sense of space (just look at the hinge and tripod stand housing the lamp) you can feel how these would work to bring a level of ambience to a room by directing light in the way you want, rather than seeming cheap by having a dimmer switch installed.


Of course setting the right mood is very important in any room and sometimes dispersing that light can work wonders. In this example, the Illusia Lamp has a feature that can make the room feel a higher level of intimacy but simply throwing shapes on the floor. This lamp can use its full wattage to work normally, or be changed to give off a pattern that is specific to that lamp (the shades are made by hand and each has its own different shape)


You could try for a more naturalistic feeling at home and get one of these very special wooden lampshades that aim to evoke a feeling of being in a forest. They use special bulbs made form an entwined filament, but cover the bulb up in a more traditional casing that makes it seem vintage and rustic. Because they hang from a very thing wire, when the lamp moves it can cause an illusion of the light moving in a very natural and calming manner, somewhere like an adult nightlight.


Having a lamp you can have anywhere in the home (both inside and out) isn’t difficult when you can have something as laminating as these hanging lamps by Martinelli. The translucent cover allows for the inner LEDs to give off a muted brightness which makes them a perfect addition to any room in the evening.  Because of its sturdy shape and thick cable, they can also be hung in the garden without the risk of there being an electric cut in the rain.


And if you just want a designed lamp that will draw more eyes away from the TV, then the BLOM table lamp will work just fine. The elegant and intricate design that can only come from a cover made from cloth. It also has that look which makes it capable of looking right at place whether its on the bedside table, living room side table or in the corner of the room.