09 Feb

High End Office Space


This private space is called the Tuttomio by Campeggi, an Italian designer who is trying to rethink what a personal workspace should look like. It’s a great idea and works quite well. Imagine the amount of time and effort that goes in to constructing an office space in the home. It could mean redecorating a whole room, or turning the busy kitchen in to your second office. Now just imagine this pod like seat just located in the corner of a room. It’ll easy keep the outside world away and keep your mind stimulated with its vivid red and what makes for a one very large seat.

office 2

When space is at a premium and you’d looking for a mini office space that can be adapted to store items of all sizes, this hybrid desk/shelving unit might be just what you’re after. The bare structure of the piece can help create an illusion that your little office is much bigger than it appears and reinforces the idea that working at home should be customisable. You could easily imagine it even taking pride of place in a hallway to store everything from the mail and key, to umbrellas and coats in.


And what about when work space really is a premium? If you live in an apartment, an office like this could be just what you’re after. Nubo is reminiscent of those old wooden school desks and has quite a chic quality about it. Just open the lid and you have your own little office nook. And because it simply hangs from a wall, you could easily see a number of these being put in a home to save space in everywhere from the kitchen to a kids bedroom. It could even be a mini bar if you’re that way inclined.


You needn’t feel clumsy with this table when at work. The Homework Desk by Tomas Kral has a very smart and simplistic feature included. We’ve all been in that position were organising work can result in a person just wanting to push every off the desk in frustration, so why not have a work gutter around the edge? Not only is perfect for storing stationery and books in ,use the space as visual guide or timeline planner and you should see a great improvement on productivity.


Are you someone who is wont  to shuffle your legs about while you work and tap your feet rhythmically? Having a legless work desk like this minimalist desk can come up trumps for you. It completely defines the role of being a mini office without shouting about it, has a pull out to keep the storage area down to a minimum and is sturdy enough that one slight knock won’t see the thing coming out of the wall any time soon. If you are thinking about an office move, check out these commercial properties from this Colchester estate agents.

The better the office space the more you can show your creativity through it. In London, Pearlfisher have definitely put their own stamp on office interior. Branding for companies such as Lurpak, Cadburys and Starbucks, Pearlfisher have some of the most experienced, as well as the most promising talent from the UK and worldwide – so it is no suprise tha we are talking about how good they are at designing.

Have a look for yourself.

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Pearfisher branding agency have some of the best experience in design- that is obvious who the magnitude of their clients. Check out more of their work here: http://www.pearlfisher.com/